Friday, March 2, 2012

Zong Launches Location Based Charging (LBC)

LAHORE, ZONG has launched Location Based Charging (LBC) ‘Lahore Unlimited’ in Lahore to maximize benefits for ZONG subscribers in Lahore.
ZONG is keen to provide its subscribers with dynamic and cost-effective benefits for their loyalty and with its bench-mark network quality in Lahore the ‘Lahore Unlimited’ is a wonderful solution for Lahories. This is the first time that any mobile phone company has launched such a facility in Pakistan. ZONG’s LBC in Lahore is designed to effectively utilize ZONG network and expand its subscriber base. ZONG has introduced concentric layer technology – by further strengthening its facilities and already strong network quality in Lahore. In order to subscribe for this ongoing promotion which starts from 13th June, subscribers need to simply send a single SMS to subscribe to the service. The promotion has to be activated monthly and will be available on all packages. All calls to ZONG numbers will be covered by this promotion as well as all SMS to numbers on-and-off the ZONG network.
Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG, said that ZONG is determined to add value to the lives of its subscribers by making it possible for them to remain in touch as often as they like.  “Providing our subscribers with the best possible rates, simplicity and a wide range of services is the hallmark of the ZONG philosophy. ‘Lahore Unlimited’ will make keeping in touch more affordable for subscribers in the city with anyone across the country,” says Salman Wassay. “We believe the city of Lahore has immense potential due to our existing subscriber base and our superior network quality.” No one in the cellular industry has offered this facility so far and we consider it an innovative gift for the subscriber of Lahore from ZONG. At present this offer is valid for Lahore city and selected subscribers. Calls have to be made from within the area covered by the designated BTS sites while the normal tariff and other availed packages will be applied outside of the city. Only the calling subscriber needs to be in the locality while the recipient need only be a ZONG subscriber anywhere in Pakistan.


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